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How many days can a pair of socks be worn in winter?

2020-12-15 18:01:55

In winter, the weather is relatively dry, and the human body's metabolic rate is not very strong. In summer, it is easy to sweat, but many people feel less sweaty in winter, and the socks are relatively dry and the smell is very light. Some people may not want to change frequently Socks are very troublesome to wash, sometimes they are changed every few days. So what are the hazards of not changing socks?

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1. Infected athlete's foot
The soles of the feet of the human body will sweat. If you don’t change your socks, your feet will sweat and there will be some fungi. This can easily cause fungal infections and cause athlete’s foot. In severe cases, it can also lead to onychomycosis. So you must change socks frequently. Some people I like to sleep with socks, even without taking off my socks, I get under the bed with smelly socks. Although this is convenient, it is harmful to the skin of the feet. The feet also need to breathe. Change socks frequently to reduce fungal infections.

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2. Cause inflammation
Some people are lazy and don’t want to change socks often or wash them often. They wash a lot at one time, but these socks already contain a lot of bacteria and viruses. If they are mixed with other clothes, they will not sterilize thoroughly, which will not only cause foot infections. Athlete's foot may also cause infection in other parts of the body. Some people will also choose skin inflammation, which is very harmful to the body. When washing socks, pay attention to washing them separately.

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How many days can a pair of socks be worn in winter?
3. A pair socks,how many days do you wear ?
Generally speaking, it’s best to change socks every day in winter. Some people don’t sweat their feet easily and don’t want to change socks. It’s best to wear them for no more than three days. If conditions permit, it’s recommended to change them every day to keep their feet healthy. Dryness can not only effectively prevent foot diseases, but also help extend the life of socks.