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Happy April Fools' Day

Kobe Yin 2017-04-01 14:15:51
April Fool's Day is a popular folk festival that has been popular in the West since the 19th century and has not been recognized as a statutory holiday by any country. On this day people in various ways to deceive and tease, often at the end of the joke to expose and declare the object of "fool". The nature of the joke rarely contains the real malice, but the individual joke is too big to cause people to panic, produce a large-scale response and derivative (media) rumors and city legend, so for people generally will be avoided such as disaster The joke of things.

Every year on April 1, is the traditional folk festivals of the West - April Fool's Day, also known as Wan Yu Festival. The more common argument is that it originated in France. In 1564, France first adopted the new reform of the chronological law - Gregorian calendar (that is, the universal Gregorian calendar), to January 1 for the beginning of the year, changed in the past to April 1 as the beginning of the New Year calendar. The new calendar in the implementation process, some conservative people against this reform is still followed the old calendar, refused to update.

They are still in the April 1 day gift each other, organized to celebrate the New Year's activities. Those who advocate reform are mocking the practices of these old people. Smart and funny people donated fake gifts to the diehards on April 1, inviting them to festive festivals, and calling these foolish people "April Fools" or "hooked fish". Later, they fool each other in this day, the course of time will become a popular French customs. The festival circulated to England in the eighteenth century and later to the United States by early British immigrants.

At first, any American can handle the appalling news, and the slightest moral and legal responsibility, the government and the judiciary will not be investigated. On the contrary, who made the most bizarre lies, the most able to cheat people believe that who will win the title. This practice to the community to bring a lot of confusion, and thus cause people's dissatisfaction. People foolish during the holiday season is no longer as ridiculous as in the past, but for the purpose of ease and joy.

April Fool's Day joke can only be opened until 12 noon, this is the custom of the strict rules. After the noon is also a funny person is a fool than he was a big fool. After the moment also joking people will immediately touch the nail, looking for funny children. There is a poem is described as follows: April Fool's Day has been twelve o'clock, you fool too late Until the next year April Fool 's Day, you will be the biggest big fool.

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