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Google is 18 years old! Everyone still loves him!

Kobe 2016-09-28 15:59:42

Happy Birthday to Google!

On September 27, 2016, Google updated its own Doodle to celebrate his birthday.

Larry Page and Srgey Brin set up a small Internet search company in a garage in Silicon Valley 18 years ago, and Google is now the world's largest search engine. Google was originally called BackRub, and in 1997 it was renamed Google. Google's name comes from the wrong word "googol," which means unlimited information on the Web. Google is willing to organize this information in a constructive manner that helps users find answers to their questions.

This time in Google doodle, the letter “G” wore a birthday hat blowing balloons, compiled into "oogle", together form the word "Google", the balloon with the sky.

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