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Diabetes friends how to choose socks (1)

Kobe Yin 2016-11-12 15:20:59

Buy socks for ordinary people is nothing more than a trivial matter, however, for diabetes friends, socks must be carefully selected. Socks if the election was inappropriate, the consequences may be no less than wearing a pair of shoes do not fit, or even cause sugar Friends of the foot lesions.

1.    Material comfort

From the material, the proposed selection of friends of diabetes absorbent, breathable and excellent cotton, bamboo fiber or wool and other natural material socks. Sweat-absorbent socks, feet in order to maintain dry, health, reduce ulceration, the chance of infection, wear more comfortable.

2.    Light color

Socks color is also very important, try to choose light-colored, so easy to observe whether foot ulcers or exudation and other lesions. If wearing a dark socks, not only may be observed foot bleeding may not be the case, if the socks dye fade may also hurt the skin. Diabetic foot disease peripheral neuropathy, so that patients with loss of protection of feeling or even loss, and sometimes foot ulcers did not feel the dark socks can easily hide the clues.

3.    ln the selection of socks in the process, the choice of handmade material better socks, this kind of socks on the socks at the seams of the top with careful handling, can prevent socks seams on the feet have more friction and damage.

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