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cotton bale ammonia socks

Kobe Yin 2016-10-26 16:36:44

Cotton bale ammonia is the only natural fiber bundles of fibers, with a natural spindle-shaped body and unique pectin oblique hole, the resulting excellent permeability, hygroscopicity, refreshing, Moisture, the cotton ammonia Fabric can be natural to have "natural air-conditioning," the reputation of breathing fabric, at room temperature so that the body's real sense of temperature dropped 4-8 ℃, a "natural air-conditioning" reputation. Foot skin area accounts for only 7% of the body, and the distribution of the sweat glands of the feet accounted for more than 40% of the body, so people call the foot is the second "heart." The cotton socks ammonia socks have the prevention and cure athlete's foot, the foot odor, the foot rotten, the antibacterial health care function, has the warm feeling in the warm in winter and cool in summer, specially suits has athlete's foot, loves the sweat of the person, the child also likes to wear this unique sock.

Its main features:

1.    Antibacterial - cotton ammonia fiber hollow, rich in oxygen, so that anaerobic bacteria can not survive. Some acid components can also inhibit the growth of fungi and micro-organisms, reproduction, inhibition rate of 70% -80%, so cotton bags of ammonia can effectively prevent beriberi problems.

2.    Health - the surface of the fabric was a natural bump-shaped, wearing a barefoot walking on the beach feel, the foot of the points have a better massage.

3.    Comfort - cotton bags of ammonia socks moisture absorption, ventilation, heat dissipation is cotton socks 1.5 times, better relieve foot fatigue, reduce skin irritation to better protect the skin.

4.    Cool - cotton bales ammonia socks surface real sense of temperature than the cotton socks, stockings low 3-4 ℃, suction sticking rate is only 60% of cotton socks, no static, no dust, engage in radiation, easy to wash and dry.

Prior to the cotton ammonia was to be respected, and the recent scientific research is to prove this point. In Arabic, the meaning of cotton bag ammonia is "very good" means. Indeed, due to the antibacterial and antibacterial properties of cotton bale ammonia, a wide variety of clothing and home textile products are favored.


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