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The legend of Rainbow Socks (three)

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on:2016-10-15

A lot of people around the home, everybody cried. The woman did not think too much, she stepped forward and saw her man lying in bed. She could not believe it, eyes suddenly dark…

The fifth year, the woman knitted the sixth pair of gray socks for man.Then, put all these socks on the man's coffin.

Each pair of socks, are the emotion of a woman on the man.

White, is pure love of woman to man.

Red, is strong miss of woman to man.

Purple, is affectionate love of woman to man.

Yellow, is sincere wishes of woman to man.

Black, is silent prayer of woman to man.

Gray, is them hopeless love.

Today,do you send the socks for the people you like?

Our company is prefessional rainbow socks supplier in China.We are custom socks factory China,OEM socks supplier and cotton socks supplier China.