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The baby had better wear a pair of socks, help sleep to prevent a cold

Kobe Yin 2018-07-05 13:33:11
Every baby has a different constitution, so it's not necessary to wear socks.If your baby's feet aren't cold, you can sleep without socks.Therefore, the mother should decide whether to put socks on the baby to sleep according to her baby's personal situation. Jixingfeng socks manufacturer  the most excellent socks knitting company, which provide you with newborn socks production.

The following three types of babies are best put on socks (newborn socks suppliers) when they sleep:


The heart of a newborn is small, so the blood circulation is poor, and the whole body is weak against cold.It's easy to catch a cold if you get cold carelessly.So when the newborn is sleeping, had better put on socks, make sure the foot is warm enough.

2. Premature infant

Many premature babies are underweight, and for them, the body is not fully developed.Therefore, the resistance is much lower than those babies born under the full moon, so it is better to put on socks to prevent the baby from getting cold.

3. Weak babies

The baby with weak constitution will have poor immunity and cold resistance, and will be easily affected by illness.Accordingly, had better put on socks when sleeping, prevent to catch cold.

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