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The Precautions of Varicose veins Socks

Kobe Yin 2016-10-28 18:41:26

The Precautions of Varicose veins Socks

1.    A long time to wear inappropriate socks will be out of the leg swelling, red knots, and accompanied by itching reflected.

2.    All kinds of skin diseases or neurological disease in the acute phase of the people to be used with caution.

3.    Varicose socks should pay attention to wear before selecting the legs can withstand the pressure can not blindly seek high pressure.

4.    Doctors can not use the anti-varicose veins that can not be used.

5.    Prohibited in patients with atherosclerosis, thrombosis patients disabled.

6.    Wearing shoes often check whether the flat, to avoid unwanted socks constitute unwanted wear.

7.    High degree of arterial insufficiency can not use anti-varicose veins socks.

8.    Pay attention to shoes or boots buckle and zippers to avoid scratching socks.

9.    In order to extend the life of varicose socks, socks, please first put in the refrigerator frozen 1-2 days, and then placed in vinegar or sugar, warm water soak for half an hour to an hour, wash the time with Wenwen Fan Jian or shampoo in the warm water top scrub.

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