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The Mistakes of Varicose veins Socks Using

Kobe Yin 2016-10-27 18:21:04

In medicine, varicose socks for a simple varicose veins for the prevention and treatment of medical devices used. However, many young women are interested in the beauty of varicose socks stovepipe role in medicine is not recognized by experts.

1.    varicose socks with a force in the role of the leg relative to the stockings caused by a greater force to oppress the leg vein to promote venous blood circulation of the lower limbs, without burning fat, but from the outside So that the legs are more curved sense.

2.    Varicose socks, once worn unscientific, long wear and not regularly off, relieve leg pressure, it will bring great damage to the leg skin, varicose socks thicker than ordinary stockings thick, breathable Not strong, leg skin was a taut state, can not be a good aerobic respiration, the long run, it will be counterproductive, not only will Amy Ms. leg skin deterioration, but also may promote the formation of varicose veins.

3.    Varicose socks is not suitable for some patients with phlebitis skin surface collapse, because varicose veins socks itself is the most important function of its oppressive effect to promote lower extremity venous blood return to the heart, to prevent varicose veins line, such as lower limb skin has ulcer Change, long-term wear will make the collapse of the skin more serious.


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