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Socks waste utilization

Kobe Yin 2016-11-14 15:45:14

Socks as a warm winter must have a single product, probably everyone reserves more than a dozen pairs of socks and replacement of socks more frequently, then in the end how to deal with the accumulation of old socks at home it?

Old socks can only be thrown away? No!!!

1. made of pet toys: the socks which fill cotton, made of a ball, funny cat funny dog.

2. The old socks made into clothes to put on dogs, pets have become the United States and the United States da.

3 cup hot how to do, the socks cut off, set in the cup, not hot, very warm and intimate.

4. Worried scratches the floor, with the socks will wrap the table chair legs, to the family the most intimate guardian.

5. directly fill in cotton, draw an eye tongue, sew, is a few lovely greedy snake.

Socks must be washed after the second use of Oh! Learn these small coup, socks are no longer "smelly socks", everyone can be divided into minutes at home a small expert!


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