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Socks waste utilization -- Creative home

Kobe Yin 2016-11-09 12:05:35

Socks as a warm winter must have a single product, probably everyone reserves more than a dozen pairs of socks and replacement of socks more frequently, then in the end how to deal with the accumulation of old socks at home it?

Old socks can only be thrown away? No!!!

Old socks using - Creative home

1.    Moving tables and chairs too loud? To the family's tables and chairs put on socks it ~ no longer disturb the family and downstairs neighbors, and quite a breath of life ah.

2.    Cut down the stockings to accept the calligraphy and painting, soft not to hurt the paper, do both.

3.    Travel shoes that do not feel good to accept it to wear double socks! No longer dirty clothes box it!

4.    Bottles and cans perfume make-up water storage too much trouble? Give it a pair of socks! Soft protective clothing, light knock light touch will not break ~

5.    Run out of soap and a little bad to take, on the socks, is not a waste.

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