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Socks development history

Kobe Yin 2016-11-25 14:13:23

People in the socks before wearing, people have been using a broad sense of the leggings attire. This can be traced back to ancient Egypt, the kind of leather leg band and with hemp or wool fabric sewing similar to the socks dress. To the Crusader period appeared socks Chausses Shaus, but it is not prepared for the ladies, the Crusaders made of pure silk fabrics more exquisite socks. Ladies with delicate small shoes decorated their ankles, in a beautiful skirt under the flickering. At that time, socks are the men's patents. In 1589, a student of the British Divinity School - William Lee invented a manual sewing socks machine, sewing faster than the hand 6 times, which is the originator sewing machine. At the same time, ladies began to wear socks.

Industrial socks production began in 1860, the socks industry has been looking for new materials instead of a small and expensive silk, blended yarn production so that the system was a great success. In 1928, DuPont demonstrated the first pair of nylon socks, while Bayer launched polypropylene socks. In 1940, Gaotong nylon socks in the United States to create the highest sales record, and began to become ordinary daily necessities. Socks appeared in the early 1980s, tennis equipment began to rise, the classic style has two Mao Maoqiu in the ankle, in the mid-2000s again popular, but has changed a lot of style, mainly used to match skateboard equipment, followed by Is shorts or short skirts. Some girls wear, because to show the full curve of the legs, socks highlight a length does not look good, so will be wearing stealth socks, usually in sports or take the leisure sports wear style, usually with shorts or shorts.

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