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Socks and geomantic omen 4

Kobe Yin 2018-02-24 14:34:20
For most people, wearing socks seems to be a very life-changing, insignificant thing.Actually otherwise, socks, has been thirty-four thousand years of history, from the point of view of geomantic omen, how to wear socks have cultured, however, it is not at liberty to, otherwise I'm afraid a bad influence on their own fortunes geomantic omen.Today, let me introduce you to the geomantic omen taboo of wearing socks. Jixingfeng socks manufacturer  the most excellent socks knitting company, which provide you with china wholesalers wool socks.

5.Wear dirty socks

Socks are dirty and continue to wear, this phenomenon occurs in men with a greater probability, which not only affects the personal image, but also greatly affects the people's fortunes, causing the bad luck.So, dirty socks must be washed in time to wear, or it will lead to "dirty luck". Jixingfeng  the socks knitting specialist, modal socks suppliers.

6. All seasons wear a pair of stockings.

It's not that you only wear one pair of socks for the whole year. It's the same kind of socks that you wear for a year.It is very easy to influence people's finances and emotions. It is easy to attract small people and do nothing.Therefore, you can always prepare some socks with different colors and styles.

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