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Socks Toy Story –U-shaped pillows

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-11-22

With socks turned all kinds of toys, both economic and good to do, and quickly wash the old socks can not wear, ready to start, even the new socks, buy a pair to buy a doll, do not feel bad. In fact, do not look at our socks humble, it transforms a variety of toys, daily necessities can be more patterns, and production is also very simple.

These small socks not only transformed into toys, can also be transformed into a variety of daily necessities.

1. To the length of the socks, you can make a baby U-shaped pillow, installed in the rice inside, sewn well, baby to see a long time on the picture, on the neck, but also ease shoulder fatigue.

2. Drop a few drops of essential oil, add some flavor. Fill socks, there is a small object, can also be used instead of a funnel, is the hand paper tube.

3. You can also use a few stockings sewn together on the waist, baby reading time can let go, do not hold the book so tired.

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