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Socks Toy Story – Rabbit

Kobe Yin 2016-11-15 16:56:55

Socks so used, you can save a lot of money Toys.

With socks turned all kinds of toys, both economic and good to do, and quickly wash the old socks can not wear, ready to start, even the new socks, buy a pair to buy a doll, do not feel bad. Children grow up on the road, for the most is the socks, and children grow fast, often need to buy new socks, a good-looking can not help but buy buy buy. So those old mountains of socks, and those who can not find the other half can only be thrown. In fact, do not look at our socks humble, it transforms a variety of toys, daily necessities can be more patterns, and production is also very simple.

A child, you have raised a variety of small rabbit it? Now you can use the old socks to do one, holding play.

In addition to socks, and then prepare the rice, the line can be a rabbit.

1.    To give socks irrigation rice, where there is a quick and effort of the tips, girls are in the irrigation time, do not use the funnel, the use of socks, tightness, directly on a wide tape on it.

2.    And then tied the rope with two balls, the rabbit's body to do a good job.

3.    With the scissors will cut mouth socks, rabbit ears came out, the little girls who can be fine-trimmed look on it.

4.    Finally painted on the nose, the Department of ribbon decoration, a small rabbit to do a good job.

Use different colors of socks, do a few more can also come to a rabbit racing competition.

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