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Socks Matching Rules

Kobe Yin 2016-11-04 16:32:41
Talking about socks, men's conservative wear is to choose black socks or boat socks. However, you choose the safest way to dress, this is the most mediocre. If you think the socks are made with the shoes, then you are more wrong.

A. Matching Tie or Accessories

If you wear a dress with a tie, then select the color of socks to consistent and tie. Wear casual wear strap, then, with the same color with the socks with a sling is also a good choice.

B. Matching Coat And tie 

With the same method, choose a jacket to do with, can be a vest, a shirt or a coat, find their color choices and then meet the color or pattern socks. But do not remember to do with the color of the pants to do with, it will become a very uneven mix of clothing.

C. With the overall color matching 

There is also a way to match and the overall tone of their clothing to do with, so socks can be very natural integration into your clothing which, with the quality of the details will not look very unexpected.

D. Select low-key socks 

Match is a difficult journey, if you think the above with the program is too difficult for you to master, it does not matter, you can also choose some simple low-key texture of the socks.