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Sock storage skills

Kobe Yin 2019-11-19 16:11:47

1. Ordinary socks first align the left and right socks, fold them at 1/3 of the socks, try to divide them into 3 equal parts, and then turn the socks of one of the socks to cover the two socks. This stacking method can be placed neatly and space-saving during storage, and is easy to take when worn.




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2. Lay the boat socks flat, then put one of the socks into the other sock, and then roll it up from the bottom. When you roll it to the sock, use the sock to cover the rolled part.



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3. Use the storage box. For example, girls will have a lot of stockings and pantyhose. This kind of thing can be used to fold the stockings in half by the suture of the middle pants, then roll from the feet, and then put them up and put them into a storage box. Into the drawer.



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