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Selection method of varicose socks

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on:2019-02-28
How to choose the appropriate model for varicose socks?

1. For patients with varicose veins of the lower extremities, for the main purpose of treatment, the length of the socks can be selected according to the location of the disease. The knees of the lower leg can be selected for the lesions. The lesions are wide and the thighs can be selected.

2. For the purpose of health care, you can choose a pair of socks with a long knee length or a long leg length according to your own preferences.

Specific options:

Knee length: measure the circumference of the thickest part of the calf, determine the model, the height of the heel to the transverse stripes to determine the length of the sock.

Leg length: measure the circumference of the leg and the circumference of the thickest part of the calf, determine the model, the height of the heel to the hip stripes to determine the length of the sock. Jixingfeng socks manufacturer is the most excellent socks knitting company, which provide you with China custom varicose stockings.

3. The elastic stockings look very thick. Can you wear them in summer?

Although the elastic stockings are thicker than the average socks, because they use high-quality thermal and moisture absorbing materials, they feel cooler after wearing them in summer.

4. Model and color of varicose socks

A variety of high quality, stylish elastic stockings are available for both men and women. The women's collection includes 8 colors including regular pantyhose, pantyhose for pregnant women, leg length, and knee length to match different garments. The men's collection includes knee length and leg length, and there are 7 matching colors.

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