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Pure cotton socks and polyester socks small knowledge 3

Kobe Yin 2018-03-17 09:23:07
Cotton-polyester socks (polyester cotton socks factory) explained:

Refers to the polyester cotton blended fabric, with polyester as the main component, using 65% - 67% polyester and 33% - 35% cotton blended yarn woven fabric, polyester cotton is commonly known as cotton.

Has both highlights the style of the polyester and cotton fabric strength, under the condition of dry, wet, elasticity and abrasion resistance are better dimension stability, shrinkage is small, with tall and straight, not easy to fold, easy to wash, the characteristics of quick drying (polyester socks factory).

Terylene shortcomings: terylene polyester fiber belongs to the hydrophobic fiber, strong affinity for oil pollution, easy adsorption oil, electrostatic adsorption dust, and wearing process difficult to wash, and cannot use hot iron and boiling water immersion.

So, "terylene" and "pure cotton" two kinds of fabrics, which is better?
This depends on the customer's preferences and practical needs.That is to say, the fabric that you want to have a few more character, choose "polyester cotton", hope cotton is more characteristic, choose "pure cotton".

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