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Our company passed the Factory inspection of Coca Cola Company.

Linda 2016-10-18 19:08:15

Today is a big day for Jixingfeng sock knitting factory, the coca cola company comes to audit our factory, and the audit report of our factory is passed. Congratulations! Tks for all your support and hardworking, my dear friends.

To pass the audit, which means jixingfeng socks knitting factory has the ability to work with the international brand, quality, delivery date, work environment, equipments, staff benefits and social insurance and so on can all meet the requirements of the big companies.

Clean and tidy passageway, workstations, workshop, are showing jixingfeng socks knitting factory is becoming more professional, more standardized, more focus on quality.

Now come with me to have a look of our factory:

1.   Raw material warehouse --- all the yarns are piled up tidily , we insist on good materials which will be no harm.

2.   Knitting department -----120 knitting advanced knitting machines ,knitting department is the place to see the magic , you can see how the yarns become socks here.

3.   Toe sewing department/quality checking ---here all the socks will be 100% inspected.

4.   Boarding department---after the high temperature, the socks has its shape, now they are can be called socks.

5.   Packing department----In this department, the socks will be labeled, and packed, now they are looks nice.

Our company is prefessional socks products supplier in China.We are custom socks factory China,OEM socks supplier and cotton socks supplier China.