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Long Stockings

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-11-29

Generally refers to wear with the skirt with long stockings. Cross-century women, although the "return to nature" slogans such as shouting cheek sour, but not so "natural" stockings has been unable to forget.

Silk stockings are said to have been pioneered by the Spaniards and have dominated for a long time. 16th century French court and high society ladies ladies are keen to import the stockings in Spain, with red, orange, purple as fashionable. Data records, the first stockings knitting machine by the British William Lee in 1589 invention. Stockings are undoubtedly women's exclusive stage, but at the beginning of the invention and after a considerable period of time, the main service object is male.

16,17 century wearing bulky shorts, stockings (sometimes revealing the ribbon bow socks fixed) and high heels of men, than the modern girl wearing a miniskirt even more decorative, powder gas thicker. 15th century has also been popular variegated stockings, two legs of different colors, gorgeous and interesting. Chinese men have not tried the taste of stockings.

Stockings in the early 20th century by the introduction of women. It is the biggest trouble is easy to hook easy to wire. Stockings are basically knitwear, interlocking, as long as one of them will fly off the ring straight down out of control. Ordinary market, whether mysterious unpredictable "odd ring anti-hook" stockings, or to add confidence in the name of "crystal socks", can not let this awkward change in the number.

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