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How to wash socks scientifically

Kobe Yin 2016-12-01 15:27:09

Regularly let the washing machine "take a bath." Add appropriate amount of washing machine disinfectant cleaning agent, the water added to high, so that the normal operation of the machine 5 minutes to fully dissolve the detergent, if the drum washing machine can be heated to 40 ℃ or more, it can make cleansers play a better role. Then, turn off the washing machine power soak for 1 hour, then wash the body in normal washing mode, in the discharge of water can be seen a lot of dirt debris, so the best cleaning can be carried out once a month.

△ socks, underwear as much as possible by hand wash. Socks most likely to have fungi, if placed in the washing machine washing, washing machines and other clothes may cause pollution; and clothes are close to wear, once the microbial contamination of the washing machine is easy to cause harm to the human body.

△ develop a scientific laundry habits. Washing machine should be placed in a ventilated, bright place, washing clothes should be opened after the lid ventilation for a period of time to promote the evaporation of residual moisture, inhibit microbial growth.

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