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How to identify socks pros and cons

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-11-17

1.    Work: good socks to wear natural and comfortable to wear, mainly to see enough soft enough, how kind of density alignment.

2.    Taste: Socks have dyed yarn weave and weave. If it is pure cotton yarn-woven socks, smell no smell, there will be a touch of fragrance; and if it is woven after the first socks will have a strange taste.

3.    Suture: open the socks, if there is like a pigtail-like line to explain this is the machine seam, there is no small braided thread is hand sewn, the quality is relatively good, wear more comfortable.

4.    Ingredients: For the anti-odor socks, antibacterial raw materials is essential! Natural, green herbal antibacterial deodorant socks, more suitable for long-term exposure to the skin, will not cause a burden on the body, and no side effects.


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