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How to clean knitted baby socks

2021-08-13 14:49:26

Babies can wear socks without shoes, but it must not be the other way around. In summer, it is very wrong to see mothers putting on leather sandals or artificial leather sandals for their bare feet. Because shoes are contaminated by harmful chemicals due to their materials and processes, direct contact with the baby's tender skin is very harmful. Without socks, the baby's feet will lose an effective protection layer, and the baby's tender feet skin will become dry and rough, and even form foot pads. Babies who can't walk must also wear socks, so the washing of socks has become particularly important.

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1. Thin cotton socks/pure cotton socks: Wash and change frequently, soak them in clean water for about 2 hours after replacing them, and then add a small amount of rice-based baby detergent to wash with warm water, so that the dirt will fall off more easily. The baby's special detergent has natural and pure raw materials, which can not only remove residual milk stains, urine stains, sweat stains, etc., but also sterilize, soft, and antistatic all in one, without irritating the baby's skin.

2. Wool socks/cashmere socks: When washing baby winter socks, first dissolve the neutral baby detergent with low alkali content in warm water, then put the socks in, soak for a while, and then gently scrub with your hands. For the toe and heel of socks with more dirt, rub with the original liquid until it is clean. After rubbing the socks, rinse them with water, squeeze them dry slightly, dry them in a ventilated place in the shade, or cover them with a white cloth and dry them in the sun.

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3. Anti-slip socks: Anti-slip socks are baby socks with soft rubber patterns on the soles of the feet. Because the baby's center of gravity is unstable and he likes to run and jump, he can easily fall on a smooth floor, so he must wear non-slip socks. The non-slip socks can be washed in the washing machine after putting on a special washing bag for socks, or rubbed and washed by hand in water with special detergent for babies. It should be noted that the non-slip socks have soft rubber on the soles of the feet. Do not wash too hard to prevent the soft rubber from falling off.

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