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How important winter socks to your baby

Kobe Yin 2016-12-29 17:05:41

Cold winter, if the feet do not wear socks, we will feel very cold, not to mention the development of the baby is not perfect too!

Baby feet are cold What are the hazards, and how to choose a pair of suitable and comfortable baby socks.

Baby cold feet what harm?

People's feet away from the heart of the distance, the blood circulation is relatively poor, and baby feet delicate skin, activities and less, with the development of thermoregulation function is not perfect, so the foot is easy to catch cold.

The human feet and the upper respiratory tract mucosa there is a close neurohumoral connection between the baby's feet if the cold, local vasoconstriction, reduced blood, reflex will cause upper respiratory tract mucosa of the capillary contraction, resulting in local resistance Down, the original lurking in the nasopharynx of bacteria, viruses, will take advantage of a large number of breeding, easy to make your baby suffering from a cold and other diseases.

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