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Happiness begins with foot !

Kobe Yin 2016-10-16 16:19:20

Any enterprise to produce high-quality products, require the joint efforts of all staff. Our staff are quality front-line intelligence officers who are familiar with every detail of each process and know how to strengthen control of each critical point. Our company's products for each process, is a full-check node, from raw materials storage to the finished product out of the library, a total of 28 regular inspection and 5 sampling of the Cengcengbaguan, strict quality control. The company uses the management method of the process method to make clear the process of every process of the company, use the statistical analysis and improvement of the process performance management, the process is supervised and improved, the risk is predicted in advance, enhance the staff's quality consciousness and improve their ability to participate.


Enterprises always adhere to the " Happiness begins with foot!" for the brand concept. Enterprises to create a healthy market in China socks brand, advancing with the times, to achieve the low-end chain to the industrial chain of high-end upgrades, and constantly strengthen the brand influence and market competitiveness, to further expand the international market and lay a solid foundation. At the same time, Jixingfeng socks knit factory look forward to your visit, work together with you to achieve a healthy, comfortable and happy living museum.


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