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Fever five toes socks

Kobe Yin 2017-01-12 16:34:48

"People feel cold because feet cold" ,even if wearing a down jacket and warm pants, wearing a thick scarf, wearing snow boots, But the lack of a pair of warm socks still can't resist the deadly winter!

In front of me to introduce the most warm winter socks, wool socks. Of course, in addition to warm, we have different requirements for the winter socks, such as sweat, breathable, wearable, comfortable and so on. So, we recommend several warm and warm warm socks, cold feet often give friends in winter.

The Forth style: Fever five toes socks

This pair of socks blended with a heating material, can save the heat emitted by the foot, so as to achieve the effect of warmth - this is the principle of socks. This pair of toe socks is to collect the heat of each toe up, so although the socks look thin, but still very warm to wear on the feet, the thermal effect is great.

Put on these socks you will feel really warm.


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