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Do you know the antibacterial and deodorant effect of silver fiber socks? 4

Kobe Yin 2018-03-08 09:33:54
Function of silver fiber socks (men deodorant socks China):

We start with the textile raw material, let the raw material have the antibacterial property, washing 100 times also can guarantee the effective antibacterial.The silver antibacterial fiber is a special processing technology, which can better distribute the silver carrier on the surface of the fiber to ensure the durability of the bacteria.

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Contact reaction mechanism: Ag enters the bacteria and reacts with the sulfur, causing the bacterial protein to solidify, causing the bacteria to die.Catalytic reaction mechanism: under the action of light, Ag becomes the catalytic activity center, activates water and oxygen, produces strong oxidizing ability -OH and O, and destroys bacterial reproductive ability leading to death.When the bacterium loses its activity, Ag dissociates and repeats the bactericidal activity, so the low concentration of antibiotics is persistent.

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