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Do you know the antibacterial and deodorant effect of silver fiber socks? 2

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2018-03-06
Function of silver fiber socks (silver fiber socks factory):

3. Moisture absorption and perspiration: the silver fiber can promote moisture through the natural distribution of hydrophobic materials, which is similar to the effect of the human body using sweat evaporation.The wetting effect of silver fiber will accelerate the evaporation of moisture.The silver fiber clothing can reduce the moisture in the skin to the least, thereby improving the comfort.

4. Regulate body temperature (cool in winter and cool in summer) : silver is the most heat-conducting element on the earth. Hot weather can rapidly transmit heat from the skin and reduce body temperature.In cold weather, the human body's sweat pores shrink no more sweat, silver is the most effective storage and reflection material, silver fiber has produced excellent thermal insulation effect.

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