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Can socks and panties be washed together?

Kobe Yin 2019-03-05 14:06:15
Many people throw socks and underwear into the washing machine in order to save trouble. However, many people feel that this is not good. The socks are so dirty that there are a lot of bacteria and fungi on them. If they are washed with the underwear, they are easy to cause urinary and reproductive system infections. So, can underwear and socks be washed together?

Let's take a look at what's going on in the panties and socks that have passed through. Studies have shown that the socks that pass through are mainly sweat (moisture, salt, lactic acid and urea), fungi, old horny, etc. There are also fungi such as white fungus and some odor metabolites. Urine may remain on the underwear, and there are no cleansing stools, secretions, etc., and investigations have found that a dirty underwear has an average of 0.1 gram of feces, and there are hepatitis A virus, rotavirus, and Salmonella in the excrement. And bacteria and viruses such as E. coli. From this, it seems that the underwear is not much cleaner than the socks! So, will the infection be caused by washing the socks(cotton antibacterial socks manufacturers) together with the underwear?

In fact, the underwear and socks are soaked in a basin at the same time, during which the laundry detergent is added, and after washing, the laundry soap is used for washing. The common ankle fungus, most bacteria and pathogenic bacteria will be in a higher temperature environment and detergent. The devastating death, the process of rinsing can also take away most of the microorganisms, even if a small part of the luck survived, but after the drying process, there is no relative humidity environment, and can no longer continue to grow. Even if this does not allow them to pass the commandment, then you have to believe that the human body has the ability to self-protection and self-protection. Even if they attack the human body without the problem of the immune system, it is very difficult to succeed.

Of course, if you really have athlete's foot, are infected with fungi, or are sensitive to the skin and have low immunity, don't wash your socks and underwear together! Also don't wash with your family's panty socks! When washing socks, it is best to soak them in clothing disinfectant or boiling water and dry them.

In fact, socks(cotton deodorant socks factory) and underwear are washed together, if everyone feels unacceptable psychologically. It should be said that changing socks and underwear for one day may be more unsanitary than washing together with socks and underwear. Therefore, as long as the water temperature is sufficient, the sun is dried after washing, the human immunity does not cause problems, and the socks and panties are washed together without infection.