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Baby socks should pay attention to these details

  • Author:kobe Yin
  • Release on :2017-01-02

Cold winter, if the feet do not wear socks, we will feel very cold, not to mention the development of the baby is not perfect too!

The baby wear socks the matters needing attention:

1.new socks can not be worn directly, you need to turn over the socks, which lose all the thread, to prevent thread wound toe caused by ischemia and even necrosis.

2. Do not walk the baby also need to wear socks, if not wearing socks, baby feet easily catch a cold, but also because of small feet disorderly tread, so that the injured. Wearing socks can play a protective role, in addition to reducing the foot injury, but also to prevent mosquito bites.

3. When the baby's socks to use for some time, there will be loss of elasticity, heel thinning, holes, etc., that the socks need to be replaced!

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