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About the principle of thin leg socks

Kobe Yin 2018-10-09 14:40:21
The thin leg socks is the fashionable product that more welcome the beautiful leg model body of ladies now.In recent years thin leg socks begins to be popular gradually rise, more and more get people's favour and affection, not only price is cheap, the effect is more remarkable still.Adopt the principle of reducing pressure step by step, from leg ankle place to thigh pressure circulates decrease, stimulative blood circulates, undertake thin leg.So can have very good thin leg effect and model leg effect, be widely praised by everybody.

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Since leg edema is caused by intravenous congestion (varicose veins), varicose veins are formed by standing and sitting in the same position for a long time.Because the leg ministry blood circulates function is poor normally, work for long time to maintain same posture again, the leg ministry oedema phenomenon is more apparent.Thin leg socks can pressure the thighs from the outside, keeping the muscles moving so that the blood flows to the heart with different pressures.The pressure of the ankle is greater and the pressure of the thigh is less.Moving blood from the high to the low.With the help of the professional pressure gradient design, that is, the pressure gradually decreases from the ankle to the blood vessels, through the contraction of the calf muscle to pressure, promote venous blood flow back to the heart, prevent the venous blood of the lower extremities, ensure good blood circulation of the lower veins, and help the affected limb swelling, pain and other symptoms disappear.

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According to the concept of "pressure therapy", thin leg socks and stockings solve the problem of human leg edema.Through external pressure on the leg, improve blood circulation and promote the lymphatic circulation.The minimum pressure applied to the ankle exceeding 8 HGS (6 mm hg), the closer it is to the heart, the less the pressure.From the ankle to the calf, from the thigh to the heart, the pressure decreases.

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