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4 big health risks without socks 2

Kobe Yin 2018-04-14 09:07:07
3. Cause dermatitis and dermatitis

Foot and shoe often direct contact easy to make heel, toe and so on the cuticle layer of the shoe contact area grows thicker, increase the likelihood that occurrence callus namely "cocoon son" and "chicken eye".In addition, some people for a long time to walk, to wear shoes without socks instep, toe and shoe friction parts easy to appear the symptom such as skin redness, pimples, blisters, this is because the skin is allergic to shoes material such as leather, rubber, is a kind of contact dermatitis. Jixingfeng socks manufacturer  the most excellent socks knitting company, which provide you with yoga socks factory.

4. Susceptible to fungal infection

People's feet hot to sweat, don't wear socks wear shoes directly, especially wear shoes with plastic sandals, sneakers and so on permeability is bad, will let the foot skin directly soaked in sweat, and fungi to grow in humid environment, foot fungus infection occurs.

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