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Are you interested in five-finger socks or split-finger socks?

2021-11-30 14:29:03

I believe many people have heard of five-finger socks or split-toe socks. Now most people find this kind of socks weird and uninterested, but some people have tried it and got their own feelings. One is that split-toe socks make toes free, it's very comfortable. Second, I feel pain in my feet when I wear split-toe socks. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of five-finger socks?

1. Wearing is more troublesome than ordinary socks.
2. Because five-finger socks or split-finger socks have two more layers of fabric between each toe, it takes a larger proportion of the foot width after putting on it than ordinary socks. If you wear shoes that have just fitted your feet at this time, you will feel When it is a little tight, you will feel pain and uncomfortable feet after wearing it for a long time. You will feel more comfortable if you choose a pair of relatively loose shoes.

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1. The toes can be separated well by wearing five-finger socks. If people have onychomycosis, tinea pedis, or athlete's foot, it can prevent mutual infection between toes.
2. It can make each toe move freely, reduce the squeezing between the toes, and promote blood circulation. 3. The sweat between the toes is quickly absorbed, so that the air between the toes can flow smoothly, effectively preventing the odor of athlete's foot.
4. Wearing five-finger socks can reduce the squeezing force of the socks, thereby enhancing the abrasion resistance of the socks and extending the life of the socks.
5. Reduce the friction between the toes to avoid skin thickening and injury blistering.
6. Correct toes, toes are flexible, comfortable and natural, and prevent children from recovering from folded toes and deformed toes.

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